Change Your Inner Game to Change Your Outer Game

Performance = Potential - Interference


Mental Toughness Training is a unique system that consists of a series of one-on-one sessions to discover and eliminate mental obstacles that inhibit performance.  We use the R.A.C.E. formula to guide our clients in overcoming mental obstacles and achieving prime performance in their activity.  

Our unique process helps our clients become aware of their inner dialogue and how they talk to themselves.  Then we challenge any of this inner dialogue that is negative and change the stories they tell themselves.

Using our process, we help eliminate issues such as 

*performance anxiety

*mental blocks

*low & inconsistent confidence



*lack of aggression

*performance plateaus

We've helped athletes overcome slumps and the yips.  We have helped singers and dancers overcome performance anxiety.  Our Mental Toughness training helps you become relentless.


Mental Toughness Training isn't just for athletes and can be applied to performers (such as actors, musicians, or dancers) and students struggling with school.  

We help you become relentless and reach your full potential!